Stories are drivers of actions that propels human to make a difference. There are several activities around the world that people have partake, but most of us lack the driving power to put it in a written words. 

2020 is a memorable year in the history of this generation. It is the year that recognise the need for people to take action in combating several climate change issues. At one point in time, I know you would have perform an action that you feel it helps to mitigate the effect of climate change and global warming. Can you address them in the comment section below?

Before you shared your actions to mitigate climate change, let me share you some of what I did in my own way.

1. Gardening: I was able to understand the importance of space and how to efficiently utilize and manage my compound. I set up gardening with cement sack to reduce Environmental pollution through re use of non-biodegradables. I also use PET bottles for collection of urine which was used as a supplement to fertilize the vegetables.

2. Morning Feeding of birds and animals: I make sure I sort my food waste in to grains, heavy foods and roughages. All grains like rice remains from pot are used to feed birds like hen, dove and Guinea fowls. The heavy foods like yam are given to goats and other ruminants. This makes me utilize my resources 100%.

3. Packaging of Foods: I no longer demand for cellophane bags to store my food when going for shopping. I have permanent storage plastics for different categories of needs. I was able to minimize my carbon footprints.

There are many more stories to share, but let me know how you have been able to  mitigate the effects of climate change and ways you're contributing towards this progress in the comment section


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