Dead Fish along the coast. 

Our attention has been drawn to the happenings along the coastal region of Nigeria which includes; Ondo, Delta, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Bayelsa State.

The Earlier Fishermen who witnessed it out of ignorance have been reported to have consumed and sold some of the fish to the market before they could observe dramatic changes in the way the fish got spoilt. 

Attention of relevant bodies have been drawn to it and samples of the fishes and water have been taken to the laboratory for examination. 

Report made it known that The Croaker, popularly known as ‘Broke Marriage’ and called ‘Onah’ in Ibani dialect is the only observed fish affected by the incident. 

The fish were seen lying dead and littered along the shoreline from Lighthouse all the way to Ifoko on the fringe of the boundary between Bonny and Andoni LGA
The fish were also sighted dead and floating on the sea and being washed ashore by waves.    
The Croaker 

Impacted Areas includes;
  • Amariari, Lighthouse, River 7, Agaja, Uku-Mbi, Mbisu 1, Mbisu 2, and Ifoko communities in Bonny LGA: Oyorokoto and others in Andoni LGA. 
Stay updated as we bring you more of the story 

Have you ever witnessed such incident?

What do you think can be the  cause of the mass death of fishes. 

Kindly drop your contribution in the comment section. 


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