On the 3rd of January, 2020 Paul and his family lost their  home. They were evacuated and only managed to rescue their dogs, cats and three joeys. Many animals such as snakes, turtles, frogs etc didn’t make it as they were inside which was deemed to be one of the safest places. Only rock walls are left standing. Two older horses were trapped in the fires and didn’t make it, one survived with terrible burns and sadly needed to be put down. Many other animals were deeply effected such as birds, kangaroos, farm animals etc... the enclosures are damaged, the animals need food, water and injuries need to be treated. They have never asked for donations before and have covered all expenses independently.

However, the cost of managing the loss and injuries has gone far beyond their capabilities.  We seek for your assistance to help in donating and share this to personalities and organizations that might be of help.  Any donations will go straight to to care for the animals and others in need. Please share.

Any help or donations are much appreciated 💗💗💗💗

You can support him here

Several work has began and there has been improvement

Watch the video of birds praising God for surviving the fire

Here are the pictures of Kangaroo Island that got burnt
Survived dragon

Survived ungulates 

Camels at the island 

Paul receiving treatment 

Animals receiving treatment 

Volunteers visiting the island 

Paul's Farm

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