Meet Gilbey. The newly introduced to wild Gerenuk

Photo by @amivitale // Gilbey the orphaned gerenuk stands up on his hind legs to reach into the bushes and snag a tasty treat. Gerenuks, long necked members of the antelope family, are known for this maneuver. Gilbey was rescued at @sararacamp and has since been successfully rehabilitated and returned to the wild. 
Gerenuk numbers have declined 25% in the past 14 years due to habitat loss and fragmentation, and they are listed at near threatened on the IUCN Red List. 
It is known as the giraffe gazelle, is a long-necked antelope found in the Horn of Africa and the drier parts of East Africa. The sole member of the genus Litocranius, the gerenuk was first described by the naturalist Victor Brooke in 1878. It is characterised by its long, slender neck and limbs. 
Gilbey himself is doing wonderfully in the wild and does stop by from time to time to visit his old friends at @sararacamp.

Source DUTA


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