A farmer at a Irruan village in Boki local government of Cross - River state was reported to have bring home a gorilla alive from his farm.

What could have caused the connection between man and gorilla?

Many said, "it's possible that the gorilla has no food to eat in the Bush and followed the man to get hosted in his house".

Some said, "there is possible that their ancestors have a mutual agreement and connection in the past".

 I think this is a mean of uniting the community with their natural endowments as the gorilla can help in convincing others that men are their friends.  Wildlife Conflicts can be managed through this, let's see how the man can help the gorilla and see how the community can be of help from as well.

We implore scientists, wildlife experts, zoologist, I and other relevant stakeholders to attend to this situation before it gets out of hand.

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