The Oklahoma City Zoo says an 18-year-old African lioness that mysteriously sprouted a mane last year has died.

The Lioness named Bridget has been put to mercy death due to suffering from heart failure Wednesday after a veterinary team. The zoo says Bridget had been lethargic, not eating and appeared to be in pain as its becoming unbearable for her. She has been a good ambassador for the zoo.

Last month, the zoo said Bridget appeared to be in good health after lab results explained why she had grown a mane, which is usually only seen on male lions.

The testing found that Bridget had an elevated level of androstenedione, a hormone that can contribute to developing male features. The zoo says that suggested a tumour in an adrenal gland may have been the cause.

Let's morn and pay tribute to her with hashtag #RIPBRIDGET


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