The Importance of Protecting Endangered Species

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I categorize wildlife species into several classes according to their population and sizes, among the classes is endangered species. These are species that are on the brink of getting extinct. It means that, before you close and open your eyes, they are gone forever. These species of wildlife are suffering from habitat loss, hunting, and climate change. This blog post will center on why we need to protect these species of wildlife. Protecting endangered species is not only important for the preservation of biodiversity but also for the health of our planet and the well-being of human communities.

Endangered species are often keystone species in the ecosystem because several other species of wildlife depend on their existence in other to maintain a balance and healthy community of wildlife. Predators are often key regulators of prey, that maintain a balance in the community of wildlife. Lion as a keystone species preys on herbivores and maintain the population of herbivores so that important grasses, shrubs, and trees would not have vanished in the ecosystem,

Other benefits of protecting endangered species are the generation of income and revenue. Many endangered species are important for ecotourism, which can provide jobs and income for local communities. For example, the lions in most Nigerian Zoos are a major draw for tourists in Nigeria and generate millions of naira in revenue each year.

Protecting endangered species also has important cultural and spiritual value. Many indigenous communities have deep spiritual connections to their local wildlife, and losing a species can be devastating to their cultural heritage. Whenever you are opportune to travel to the southeastern Nigerian villages, you will see how they treasure snakes and gave them optimum protection. this would convince you more that wildlife can live in harmony with humans. Endangered species are also often considered symbols of national heritage or pride and the loss of a species can be seen as a loss of national identity. Imagine if Eagle is no longer found in Nigeria. how do we defend being called the Super Eagle of Nigeria? How do we defend the coat of arms and another National symbol?

We often complain of climate change, higher heatwave patterns, rise in sea level, floods, and other impacts of climate change. The best solution is to protect endangered species. rewinding their habitat so that other natural resources to protect our surroundings will be revived. Some aquatic animals take shelter at the bank of rivers to maintain the shores and guide us from the flood. Losing these species will erode the trees found on river banks exposing us to flooding.

Despite the importance of protecting endangered species, many species continue to be at risk of extinction. Habitat loss is a major threat to many species, as it destroys their homes and reduces the availability of food and other resources. Hunting and poaching are also major threats to many species, as they are often hunted for their meat, body parts, or for the illegal trade in wildlife.

Conservation efforts are crucial for protecting endangered species. These efforts can include measures such as habitat restoration, the creation of protected areas, and the regulation of hunting and fishing. In addition, the development and implementation of conservation plans, and conservation breeding programs are also important in protecting endangered species

In conclusion, protecting endangered species is essential for maintaining the balance of ecosystems and preserving biodiversity. It also has important economic, cultural, and spiritual benefits, as well as being crucial for mitigating the impacts of climate change. Conservation efforts must be increased to protect endangered species, and it is also important for individuals to take action by reducing their own impact on the environment, supporting conservation organizations, and educating others about the importance of protecting endangered species.

How do you support endangered species in your capacity? Are you working alone or in partnership with organizations, are you aware of your actions that bring this wildlife to being endangered? What other importance is attached to protecting endangered species?

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