Hippopotamus and the Yoruba Nomenclature.

Hippopotamus / Erinmilókun

Hippopotamus are aquatic animals, due to their gigantic nature, the extensive tooth that is tusk-like and their being herbivores, they are termed Erinmilókun.

If you are a sound Yoruba Student. You would know that Elephant is called Eerin.

The physiological features that resemble that of elephant is what makes them term hippopotamus as Erinmilókun
Is this actually correct?

Òkun is the Yoruba meaning for Ocean. The question is: Does hippopotamus lives inside ocean?

Combination of Elephant and Ocean gives birth to the Yoruba name for hippopotamus which is termed; Erinmilókun

Now let's take a look at this name from ecological perspectives. Can Hippopotamus be found in the ocean?

My response is No. I don't know if you have found one inside the ocean before.

This makes me debunk the name Erinmilókun.


Where are they mostly found?
They can be four in rivers, seas, lagoons and estuaries.

The general Yoruba meaning for these aquatic ecosystem is Odò, except for Sea which is called Ọ̀sà

If I will ever name this wonderful creature, I will give it Erinmidò or Erinmilọ́sà.

What do you think is the correct name?

Where are Hippo found?

How does the name originates?

Pls share us your thoughts in the comments box



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