Man feeding birds

It has been long ago that I wish I could catch a bird .

Muslim Corpers Lodge Enugu is a home to more about 40 Rock pigeon before Covid 19.

Corpers are often the caregiver to these birds. They are being fed with rice, millet and other grains. This is the tradition I met during my visit to the transit camp around March 2020.

Covid 19 set in, and Corp Members at the lodge are winding up with their service till a time reached that these bird couldn't find someone to feed them anymore.

As God is a merciful creator. I should have be among the 2020 Batch A but I got issues with my biometric verification.

This made me delayed till October 2020.

I got posted to Government Secondary School Enugu as my Primary Place of Assignment, and MCAN Transit Lodge is where I stayed.

I observed that I couldn't see any of those birds anymore. One faithful morning, I saw two of the birds on our roof, I rushed inside to bring raw rice and spread it for them to it.

This is the recovery of lost Species where I recorded 2 bird  increase per week,

As of today, the number have increased to 22. I hope I could be able to recover the previous population before my exit in this city.

Challenges Faced.

Birds are often affected with pollution from hair strings, rat poisons and so on.

I could recall a time I used snipper to kill mosquitoes and rat. One of the birds also ate from the bait prepared for rats and also cost her life.

I have to research online and use some medication to get it back to normal after 7 days.

Hair strings is the most dangerous pollution affecting birds majority of them have become handicapped with loss of limbs.

This is one of the problems I always figure out ways to rescue them before it would be too late.

This morning, I was able to capture one of them through  water bait, it is a pity one of her phalanges has lost and the hair strings is still threatening the rest of the limbs.

I was so happy to rescue and release the bird to  the flocks.

I am using this medium to solicit for your support, to ensure your hair strings are disposed properly to reduce the havoc to these animals

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