We Need to Discus Our Environment

Our Environment

Our Environment is Ours, there is no place to go if we spoil it. God has endowed us with various resources to maintain a healthy living. Among the gifts of God to man are Air, water, and Land. 

These three resources encapsulate what science and technology erupted from. God is the Master planner who has a capacity over all things. He has blessed man with logical reasoning and enough thinking faculty. Out of this blessing is our ability to utilize several resources of land, air, and water to create other resources that benefit our daily living. 

Our daily living can never be melodious without incorporating other creatures. These include birds, animals, fishes, trees, ants, and other creatures. Their interaction with us forms the basis of a healthy lifestyle. 

Man is covetous and only wants good for himself alone. Forgetting that God has created other floral and fauna resources for him to manage and use effectively. Man wants a companion and is always eager to build a family. He needs to eat and feed his family. He wants to build a comfortable house but doesn't care about other creatures that will suffer from these. The more he develops in wealth, the more his acquaintances suffer. He build a house by destroying the home to hundreds of his acquaintances, roads and other linear projects and render thousands to millions of his acquaintances orphans, widows, and possibly endangered. He never bothered about their welfarism.

What goes around comes around, His negligence towards his acquaintances has started boomerang, so he is about to know the gravity of his callousness. 


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