It is undoubtedly agreed upon that a house built on dew will surely be destroyed by flood. Seeing a creature offshore and piercing the animal with all sort of arms is barbaric. Who else should we blame if not our personal self. Our black color has intoxicated our heart and becomes a devilish, not even to terrestrial animals alone but also aquatic animals. Our erroneous action is what deplete the aquatic habitat and make it unbearable for the animals to live. They tend to stay offshore for a while so as to get rid of the pollutant in their habitat but we consider this as an avenue to kill the guilty whale. Case like this is contrary to what we heard abroad. 

They usually ensure that such animal is taken proper cared of and ensure safety return to the ocean. This is the third time cases like this will be reported in Bayelsa state. The united nation should never allow the death of this animal go scot free. Bayelsa state government must pay for this, Nigerian government must be held accountable for this and the community involved must pay for this. I promise you that if there is no sanction on this illegal act of wildlife killing in Nigeria, a time will come when humans will deliberately turns to whale and shark hunters.

Some reports claimed the animal has already dead and got washed offshore. Whatever the case may be, it is very crucial for all conservationist and funding organization to start active sensitization to this state and nearby communities on the benefits of conservation so as to reduce the future occurrence of this scenario. The state is known to be an oil rich state which the death of the animal can be traced to oil spillage poisoning. Consuming this animal is directly related to high report cases of ill health by the majority of this community. Why don’t they allow the respective organizations in charge to perform a post mortal test on the animal and know whether it is healthy to consume or not.
I hereby call on the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, Wildlife Society of Nigeria, Nigeria Park Service and other NGOs responsible for biodiversity conservation to find a lasting solution to this menace to avoid further occurrence.


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