It was just some weeks ago that we lost one of our wildlife in Idanre Ondo state, here comes another family suffering from malnutrition and other state of physical disorder. 
Oh students of wildlife! rise up and voice out to safe this specie from untimely death. Go to your social messengers and advocate for this animal before it will be too late.
use the following #tags and tag other wildlife related body so as to cater for this animal.

Below is the composed article from an advocate @ NSEC

Excuse Let Elephant Population Have Appropriate New Treatment

The elephant, the planet’s largest terrestrial mammal, with fascinating features. The elephant’s gestation period is 22 months – longer than any other land animal in the world, the tusks of an elephant are modified incisors that grow throughout an elephant’s lifetime to mention few.

The gigantic creature is facing serious threat of extinction and of course critically endangered as a result of human protein  and aesthetics demand, habitat alteration in the name of development.

The conservation organizations worldwide had devised means of protecting this innocent species by creating Ex-situ conservation where they are protected and cared-for outside their natural environment. An example of such facilities is a zoological garden.

The case of the elephant in university of Maiduguri Zoological garden is otherwise compare to what the wonderful creature was supposed to be treated.

The problem of the elephant include:
Hollows on the Head, The Skeletal Features, the Gaunt Stature, Height and body weight, and the Skin texture all appeared to be signs of major neglect, Malnutrition and illness.

The management of this Zoological garden deserves going for industrial training (IT) in nature conservancies outside the country to learn modern animal ethics.

Every organisms is important in the ecosystem.

That is why NSEC is saying:
Excuse Let Elephant Population Have Appropriate New Treatment (ELEPHANT)
That is why ECC is saying



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